Frequently asked questions

How long will I wait for an appointment?

As a private practice, we appreciate you don't want to be on a waiting list so we can usually offer an appointment within a day or so and at the most a week. We do not ask for additional fees for evening or weekend appointments.

How long will my appointment last?

Your appointment will last one hour.

Are your services confidential?

All of our services are provided in the strictest of confidence. We provide a safe, private place for you to talk openly to our practitioners, and we will always keep any contact you have with us safe.

How can I benefit from counselling or psychotherapy?

The therapeutic process is unique, in that it helps identify problems or concerns you have and how they affect your life in a controlled and safe environment. Many clients not only resolve their immediate concerns, but also learn useful skills for dealing with future challenges. Counselling and psychotherapy offers a supportive relationship in times of crisis and provides a safe place to express suppressed emotions. We have a range of services to assist you to change patterns of undesired thinking, feelings or behaviour and help to develop a different outlook and a healthier lifestyle.

How do I know which practitioner or treatment is right for me? 

We realise that this is an important consideration for you. At LCCP, we have a team of nine qualified and experienced counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists. A senior practitioner will speak with you initially over the phone and, based on that discussion, will recommend a practitioner for you to attend a one-hour assessment session with.

What will happen at my first appointment?

At your assessment session, you will meet your practitioner and discuss your requirements in detail. You and your practitioner can then decide which is the best approach and direction for you to take.

Can I choose who I speak to?

At LCCP, we have a team of both female (8) and male (1) practitioners. Please let us know if you would prefer to see either. If a particular practitioner has been recommended to you, you can just let us know when you enquire.

What happens if I try counselling or psychotherapy and it’s not for me?

 If you don’t want to continue receiving treatment, simply let your practitioner know that you don’t want to continue. There will be no charges or obligations to continue.

Why don't you have client testimonials on your website?

There are some ethical bodies that ban the use of client testimonials to promote services, and we fully support this. We have provided our services since 1997 and believe that, if we provide a good service to our clients, our reputation will bring future clients to us. We would rather this than ask sometimes vulnerable or easily influenced clients to promote our services.

I don't feel my problems are serious enough to be bothering anyone with...

Certainly, we do treat clients who have some fairly severe challenges to overcome, or have had major changes and impacts in their lives. But one of the main aims of treatment is to enhance your quality of life, whatever the starting point. Even mild depression or anxieties, relationship conflicts and unwanted habits can significantly affect one's journey through life, if they are persistent or constantly recurring.

Do you offer Skype therapy sessions?

Yes, we provide Skype therapy sessions with our two directors, Ailis and Peter. Skype therapy sessions may be more convenient for those of you who may find it more difficult to find time to come into our Rodney Street practice in Liverpool.

Do you offer telephone sessions?

We do provide these on a temporary basis, if needed. However, skilled psychotherapists and counsellors rely on recognising subtle shifts in body language and mood to facilitate a client’s increased understanding of themselves - these cannot always be noticed and worked with sufficiently well  over the telephone, but we are happy to provide these when coming into our offices is not convenient.