What happens at your first appointment with us?

Understandably, many people ask us what will happen at their first appointment. 

The two main things people usually want to know are:

  • How long the appointment will last
  • What happens when they arrive
  • What will happen/what they will be asked

So - I'm going to talk you through those things here in this post.

Appointment times

Your appointment will last an hour. Many counsellors and psychotherapists run sessions for 50 minutes, but we feel that an hour lets you get the most from the session.

When you arrive:

When you arrive, you will either be welcomed straight into one of our consulting rooms by a senior member of our team, or you will be asked to wait in our comfortable waiting room.

The waiting room is nestled away on the top floor of the building, has comfy couches and arm chairs and plenty of magazines to flick through. You can enjoy a tea, herbal tea or coffee while you wait.

At your first session:

If you've been asked to wait in the waiting room, when the time comes to start your session, you will be met by a senior member of our team and shown into one of our consultation rooms. Our rooms have some couches and some chairs in them - you can sit wherever you want to, we do not ask our clients to lay down on a couch as in psychoanalysis and we do not sit behind a desk.

During your first session, we'll be looking together to assess what type of counselling or therapy we think will suit you best. To do this, we'll ask you some questions about where you feel you are now, what you want to achieve and what has brought you to see us. There are no right or wrong answers to these questions - we're looking to understand how we can help. You may already have an idea of what treatment route you wish to follow, in which case your appointment will have been made with one of our team who has the necessary training and experience. You can then decide if you feel comfortable and wish to use our services, we never pressure and we are always happy to recommend from the network of counsellors and psychotherapists we know.

At the end of the session, we should have a good idea of which type of psychotherapy or counselling will help you get to where you want to be - and you can decide if you wish to continue sessions and what frequency you require, there ids no obligation to book a minimum frequency or number of sessions, it is all down to what you require to make the process work for you.

Provided you are happy to continue you can do so with the practitioner you initially meet with, otherwise you can discuss who may be best for you, we have team members with a wide range of experience and skills and also we are very happy to refer out to practitioners we have in our local network on the rare occasions when we do not feel we have the necessary experience (for example we do not treat heavy narcotic use).

To book an appointment or if you have any questions at all, please contact us. 


Peter Banczyk