How therapy now can help you out in future

  • Learn new ways to deal with things
  • Gain tools for continuing learning
  • To be able to recognise future warning signs and learn what to do about them
  • Increased awareness of self and needs
  • Potentially better coping skills to face life's challenges
  • Better internal emotional support
  • Improving self esteem
  • Acceptance of yourself
  • A more measured approach to life
  • Increased flexibility in responding to changing circumstances
  • If desired, a better ability to be close to others

OK, the above is not a comprehensive list, it is designed to provoke some thought about ongoing psychological health and well-being, rather than the all to accepted method now of 'put a patch on the hurt and carry on'.

It is becoming much more an accepted viewpoint now that emotional and psychological good health does not just happen, as with physical well-being we have to maintain ourselves, good habits and positive viewpoints learned as part of counselling and therapy can certainly help!

Peter Banczyk