Counselling vs psychotherapy: what's the difference?

What is psychotherapy?

A psychotherapist will tend to have a longer period of training before qualification, and most UKCP and BACP accreditation criteria require a psychotherapy trainee to have completed a placement in a psychiatric setting. Psychotherapy will often focus on development that requires deeper exploration and understanding of self, and will aim to increase self awareness and underlying functioning. Sessions can last for short, medium or long term.

What is counselling?

Counselling tends to be as above, a talking therapy but with the emphasis more on mobilising current resources and practical solutions, although increased awareness may still be a goal, it is often more goal and solution orientated. Sessions can last for a short or medium term.

Which one is best for me?

There are many overlaps between the two, but in general, a counsellor will be best for someone who has recently developed challenges or requires shorter-term or structured work/support. A psychotherapist will be better for someone who has more significant or complex problems or needs/wants longer-term sessions or to develop more insight into themselves.

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